Sunday, 22 April 2007

Competition Time - Win a free Stamp Set!

Hello to all!

I've decided to hold a little competition to encourage all you readers out there to subscribe to my blog. Why subscribe? Well... you will receive an email every time that this blog is updates. That way, you wont ever miss out on a post or specials that I announce from time to time.

How does the competition work?

There are 2 things that you need to to:

1. At the top of this blog, on the right-hand side, you'll notice a box where you can enter your email. Once you've done this, choose "Subscribe Me". You will then receive a confirmation email; when you open this, click on the link to activate your subscription.

2. Leave a comment on the blog - you can choose to comment on any of the posts. If you have a blog of your own, I will be able to check it out too.

That's it! Easy peasy.

The comp will run unitl the end of May, so for those of you who have already subscribed, you'll be included in the draw too.

What can you win?

Your choice of one of the Stampin' Up! limited edition sets from the Sellabration promotion held in January and February this year. The two sets on offer are either "Very Punny" or "Delight in Life". Both of these were extremely popular during the promotion and I know that you will love them. They are of course Brand New and never used, packaged in a reusable plastic container. Sorry, but the comp is open to Australian residents only.

Here they are...

Delight in Life... Sorry about the photo on this one, Im afraid that my camera is playing up on me. I'll try to get a better photo on here in the next couple of days.

Happy Stamping!


scfranson said...

What a great blog, I'll be back often. Thanks for the great contest.
Claudia F.

HeyHeyPaula said...

Wow I'm first to post. I just discovered your blog and am enjoying exploring it. I subscribed so I'll be back. Thanks for offering such great blog candy and for sharing your love of stamping.

mara g said...

Wow, Im actually the fist to post a comment! Well I just subscribed to your blog.
Im really hoping to win the Delight in Life. I just love that set but dont have it yet.

Melanie aka Batgirl said...

Wow great idea! Im just starting a blog! thanks for posting blog candy! going to subscribe now! cant wait to see what your going to blog about next!

Kristen Thiessen said...

Great Blog Candy! I am new to this so I'm just putting my name in everyone that I see!! ;)

Paula said...

Linda, I do not wish to win. I am another demo from the US. I just found your blog and wanted to say hello! If you would like to check out my blog, you can go to: I love visiting other blogs and love to look at what others are making. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say hello and welcome to the blogging world.

Stampin' Project Junkie! said...

Great idea!! Ive been reading so many blog candy ideas for myself to post one!! This is a good idea, because I have a few of those sets around too!

Jan Scholl said...

I am not an Aussie but I like your blog. I would tell you if you pick me to I would have you send to my friend Fiona who is also Down Under but I think she is a demo now!

So have a good time with your contest-I wish we could get some othe sets you have here someday that we dont have.

Anonymous said...

hi linda,
i just love your work,you are a very clever lady.your beautiful card and scrapbooking inspire me to make more and more.hope to catch up soon for a chat.
yours truly

kerrie crawford

Jobar said...

Great blog Linda thanks for getting me hooked I love your work and the way you demonstrate.
Thanks again (can't wait to use my new products)
Jo Barwick

carol said...

hi, what a great blog linda. i had so much fun at the first stampin up party i went to, but found it hard to get inspiration when i actually started to try new things by myself at home. now i will always have somewhere to go for ideas. i will never be stuck again. with the nice little collection of stamps i now have which is growing, and your ideas which you are so kindly sharing, i hope to get very creative.
thanks for sharing. i will visit often

katishshc said...

This is a great site with excellent ideas and designs, just started out in the stampin world but it is extremely addictive, I just love it. With 3 kids under five its hard to find the hours in a day to be creative. I'm looking forward to seeing what other designs are posted, which probably means I will have to buy more stamps!!
Im hooked!!

Anonymous said...

dear linda, thought i sent amessage on the 29th ,but as you see.....i wasn't successful....i'm new to this game, so heregoes again......thanks for all the help and motivation you give all us stampit up followers- fabulous's great to have all these ideas at hand,when your own brain looses all train of thought
thanks again! sharen herbert....

Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether I ended up leaving a comment when I subscribed so I am leaving one now. I enjoy your blog and the creative ideas you supply. Keep up the great work!
Robyn A

Sonya R said...

What an inspiration you are. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.