Thursday, 14 June 2007

Antique Roses in Winter

Hello everyone,

Well its been an amazing week here on the Central Coast. Most of you would have heard about the Wild Weather that hit us last week. The stories are still coming out of everywhere... it seems that nobody was untouched. We were very lucky here... only minor damage to our property, a couple of small trees down in the front of the house, and our rumpus room sprang a few leaks. We also have a pool and it overflowed, but because we had no power we couldnt backwash it so there was nothing we could do. And my son was sick, and my parents and uncle were staying with us, so we were completely out of towels with no washing machine or dryer. Aaaaargh. Isnt it amazing how we take something like electricity for granted? It certainly makes you grateful when the power comes back on. Altogether we lost power for the best part of 3 days. So the meat all defrosted but in truth, the freezer needed a good clean out anyway. So overall, we were fine, just inconvenienced more than anything.

But some people still dont have the power on, nearly a week later, and there are horrible stories of lives lost and property damaged beyond repair. One friend was telling me that she attended a funeral on Friday and they were told halfway through the service that they needed to return to their cars as the water was rising quickly. My friend was in the last car that got out... many others had to be abandoned. One of her friends has a vehicle that they still havent been able to find... it just floated away! Another of my friends is in the State Emergency Service, and she has had a harrowing weekend, and I think she will need to take some time to recover and get herself rested.

So with all this going on, I havent been doing much stamping this week. But here's a card for you anyway. This card uses the Paisly background stamp (the Floral background would have worked just as well), and I stamped it in Perfect Plum ink on Perfect Plum cardstock. Dont you just LOVE the background stamps? They cover a whole card so give you a great effect in no time. They retail for $33.95, and I think they are great value for a stamp of this size. The paisley one is currently my biggest selling background stamp.

The centrepiece of this card uses the Roses in Winter set... I love this set because you CANT GET IT WRONG. You dont need to line it up perfectly... it just always looks good. I used the Perfect Plum and Pale plum inks, and the leaves are Old Olive (of course!). I used the small corner rounder to create the scalloped edge on the bottom of the centre piece. (Aha... did you know that the corner rounder does scalloped edges??? Its a cool trick!) I've finished the card off with Antique brass Hodgepodge, which makes it look a little old-worldish dont you think? This was a super easy card to make, and took only a few minutes, but Im really happy with the result.

Dont forget to contact me on if you have any questions at all. I always love hearing from my customers and friends out there in blog-land.

Happy stamping guys!



Melissa said...

Very nice Linda, love the colours.

Melissa said...

And you've changed your header. I like it, nice and bright.

Julie Spreadborough said...

Linda I just love these two colours together....purple is georgous butthe lime green....yummy. I must have this card. Julie