Sunday, 23 September 2007

Less than 1 week to go to get your FREE STUFF!

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This is for everyone who gets these updates but doesnt read all the way through... Please dont forget that I am offering either free products or stamps with every order through this blog of more than $100 before the 28th September! Basically during the month of September I have had lots of family things taking up my time and so I havent been able to hold as many actual workshops as I usually do. So I've decided to hold this "Blog workshop" to encourage you guys to place orders here directly. And to celebrate my being with Stampin'Up for one whole year! Just email me at with your order details and I'll get it to you no matter where in Australia you are.
To see how it works and what you get just scroll down to my post of 9th September, the Happy Birthday one.

And check out my latest card, which I designed to Welcome Jamison Kathleen Jane Page to the world. Congratulations to her Mum and Dad, and to her big brother Corrigan. Well done guys!


Nerida from Niagara Park said...

Hi Linda,
at first i thought this was a red ink on pink cardstock ... is it cranberry?
I do like the stitching.


Linda said...

Hey Nerida... thanks for your comment. Actually it's Rose Red ink on Rose Red Cardstock (one of my absolute favourite colours) and the "stitching" is actually faux stitching with the paper piercer and white gel pen. Easy!
Look forward to hearing from you again soon... :)
Linda H

yvonne said...

This is such a cute card - Rose red is one of my favourite colours too!