Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Well, ok, that probably sounds a bit personal to all you bloggers out there, but actually it IS a bit personal. You see, today is my Wedding anniversary... we have been married 11 years.

And for the very first time in our 11 years of marriage, we are spending this anniversary apart. He is in Port Macquarie with the kids, (at his folk's house) and I am spending some time with my parents in Tamworth. Mum is really sick at the moment, and I thought it was important to spend some time with her. We decided to take advantage of the long weekend to travel, but as Easter falls early this year, it just happens to have fallen on our Anniversary weekend.

Never mind, Im sure there will be other Anniversaries, and Im sure we will find a date soon to make up for the loss of spending today together.

So you can all close your ears (or should that be eyes) while I say "I love you Honey, and its great being a part of something like we have. Oh, and here's your card, I hope you like it. :) Mwah. " Now I'd better phone him up there and let him know that the card is here for him to see.

For the rest of you, this card and it''s full of littles clues as to what will be in our new Catalogue released on April 1st. Contact me on or call on 0412 375 552 if you'd like to reserve your copy of the catalogue. I promise you: it's stunning. Dont forget to enter the competition in the earlier post if you'd like to win one (and $20 to spend).


sharon said...

ppy anniversary guys....know the feeling well...I think the last time Warren and I actually celebrated was our 10th....9 yeasr ago.....everyday is special though....

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Hope your mum is better. Sometimes we have to be there for our mums, call it Karma ... your children will see how you have cared for her and be there for you.
I am so glad to see the scribble making another show in this card !)