Sunday, 13 April 2008

Convention Buzz

Well, Im just back from convention tonight, and so Im checking in here really quickly and then heading off to bed. Im exhausted!

But what an amazing few days! I have the most wonderful friends and awesome support through SU... the other demonstrators that I come into touch with through this business just blow me away. Quite a large contingent travelled to Brisbane from the Central Coast, and we had a blast together! Thank you girls, you guys are amazing!

I'll tell you more about it over the next few days and will post some photos of the lovely projects that we created and some of the people that I was blessed to spend time with. One of the most special things that happened for me though was receiving several fantastic awards as part of the Awards dinner on the last night. It is a real buzz to have your efforts rewarded and to have it in front of your peers is just amazing. I'll tell you more about that when I post the photos. (I was so busy a lot of the time that I didnt take all that many photos myself, and I have to retrieve some photos from a couple of the other girls who did a lot more photo snapping than I did.)

So I'll post again real soon.

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