Thursday, 29 May 2008

Finally! Im a published artist!

And here it is! I am so excited and I just had to tell you all!

I was browsing at the Newsagent yesterday, as you do, and I was flipping through a couple of the Papercraft mags. I noticed a brand new one that I havent seen on the shelves before... it's called Creative Paper, and it's put out by the same people who do "For Keeps". Flip, flip, flip... and then something caught my eye... hang on, go back a second, what was that? Could it be? And it was MINE!

I had submitted the Mini Tag album to Australian Paper Crafts mag (APC) way back towards the end of last year. I had found out that they accepted it for publication, but this month I found out that APC and For Keeps are merging, so the old APC would no longer exist. So I really didnt know what would happen to my little album... whether it would still be published or not. So it was such a lovely surprise yesterday for me! They also included instructions and tips for my project (I noticed they tweaked my instructions a little, but hey, Im a papercrafter, not a writer!)

Im so excited to be able to share this with you.

Here is the whole double page layout:

I have to say that the new mag (Creative Paper) looks great. It's issue number 67 if you are interested (I guess they are continuing the issue numbers on from the old For Keeps mag?), and it's out at newsagents right now.

How exciting. Hmmmm, I'd better get my act together and submit some more stuff!

Have a great day!

Linda H


Anonymous said...

Well done Linda!!

kerrie xxx

Penny Street said...

That is awsome Linda - you should be very proud! (we are!)
The only prob is now I have to go buy it - lol kinda a double edged sword cause I know I shouldn't but i know I will love it!

Well done!

Penny Street said...

Thats so awsome Linda- Congratulations!

We are all thrilled for you!

Now I have to go buy it - bit of a double edges sword I know I shouldn't but I know I will love it once I have it - what a delima!!!


Alex Hughes said...


Gotta hit the newsagency in the next couple of days. It looks fabulous, clever girl!


Kristie Morrison said...

Well done Linda! It looks totally awesome... double page and everything! I only wish I'd had your instructions last week when I was trying to work out how to make something similar... Oh well, I'll be deinitely trying this out in the near future.

Julie, Nathan and Kevan said...

I have looked for this new mag in 3 newsagents but have not found it yet, will keep looking