Saturday, 30 August 2008

Just another day in Paradise.....

So on to Day 3... and this time I actually have some cards to show you. (Scroll down to see the swaps)

After a leisurely breakfast:

(Actually that was Vanessa's breakfast, but it looked so good I had to take a photo)

....we then headed off to the conference room for a couple of hours of swapping and papercrafting. (The boys headed off to do whatever they felt like... golf, fishing, water skiing etc etc Greg met up with a friend for brunch.)

The swaps were just fantastic! As you can see in the following picture, we have a very talented group of girls!

This is Teresa B, Cheryl and Marelle, between swaps.

And this was our table for the Make and Take session. Back row is Shelli, Vicki, Alisa, Stephanie, and Jacque, and at the front we have Cheryl, Nicki and myself. We were so lucky... when we arrived in the room there was a Groovy Guava bag waiting for each of us, with a brand new (never before seen) stamp set (which will be in our upcoming Summer Mini Catalogue, due out in December) as well as some inks for us to use on the projects that we made.

Here's the bag:

So what's inside?

I just love presents!

A group of us headed out to lunch. I was lucky to have a gorgeous girlfriend who lives up there meet me for coffee so I had a lovely time catching up with her. And then we headed back to our room to be greeted by our latest gift:

These bathrobes are sooooooooo soft. Love it, love it, love it.

In the afternoon Greg and I had a massage booked in at the spa. It was such a treat. Note to self: dont leave it so long between massages. One every 10 years or so is not enough. For dinner we had a great seafood feast at a cute outdoor restaurant with Craig and Cheryl, and were later joined by Simon and Ness. I can highly recommend the Flirtini cocktails. :-) Great food and great conversation... what a fantastic day. We wandered back to the resort as we had an early start the next morning.

Hard to say what the highlight of the day was... I really loved the swapping and making session in the morning though, so I'll vote for that.

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cdaly said...

Hi sweet girl. Hope you have settled back into Mum and demo extroadinaire again! Wish you lived around the corner :(