Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Margy's Baby Shower

My best friend of more than 2o years (!), Margy, and her hubby Wayne are expecting their first baby next month. How exciting! So this coming Sunday her sister Janet, niece Sarah, and myself are putting together a little baby shower for her. Janet and I were on the phone going over ideas for the afternoon, and trying to come up with something that would be suitable. Margy isn't really into "Party Games" and we were wondering what might work for an afternoon tea kind of occasion. I was making a card whilst we were chatting and Janet asked what now seems kind of an obvious question: "Why dont we make a card or something?" Now why, I hear you ask, didn't I think of that in the first place? I don't know!

So we are all going to make a couple of little projects. I thought I'd show them to you here. Hmmmm, anybody want to guess what gender baby Margy might be expecting?

Hope you like them Margy!

There seems to be a lot of little pink babies being born at the moment. My dear friend (and team member) Penny also had a little girl a couple of weeks ago. Her bubby is named Molly Louise and I'm hoping to catch up with them all in the next couple of days. So she will probably be the proud recipient of one of these coat hangers too. Arent they cute? I didn't come up with that idea by myself by the way... the coat hanger idea is featured in our Idea Book and Catalogue on page 59, so I copied the idea and just changed the colours. Some ribbon finishes it off. The baby suit card was featured on Lauren Meader's blog, and I just thought it was so sweet! And easy too, which is even better.

Back with more soon.

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Kristy said...

SO cute linda! I love the coat hangers