Monday, 29 December 2008

Enjoying the Break - and a quick competition for you

Something I really love about this time of year is that you get the chance to catch up a bit. Well I do anyway - does everyone else feel the same? I was so far behind in December, and now I am working on catching up on stuff. It's a good feeling. Also the chance to make cards and scrapbook, just because I can. I actually cleaned up my craft desk a bit this week.... what a difference!

And I decided to do a challenge card so I went looking for a challenge. I found the "Limited Supplies Challenge" on Splitcoast, and submitted the card that you see here. It's funny how this card came together... I was cleaning my desk and found the little button/scallop punch embellishment you see on the card - I'd made it ages ago and had forgotten all about it. That was the inspiration for the whole card, and everything else just came together. Maybe that's a challenge for you guys - find an embellishment that you love, and build yourself a card around it. :-)

I haven't held a competition for ages, so I thought that it must be time. I have purposely left off the stamps used on this card because I want you guys to guess what stamps I used. There are 3 different sets used, and I think it's a bit tricky. All sets are featured in current catalogues here in Australia, not sure about the US though. But anyone is welcome to enter. Simply comment on this post and tell me which sets I used. (If you are reading this via the Feedblitz email update, you will need to click into the actual email to comment on the blog). What can you win? Well, how about a mystery selection of ribbons/hardware/chipboard/diecuts/papers. Kind of like a lucky dip box? Don't worry, I will make it worth your while! I know the winner will love it, and it costs you nothing to enter :-) The first correct response will win the prize.

I cant wait to see the responses. Have fun!


Joanna Hooper said...

You used a stamp out of In the spotlight (hostess gift) The canvas background stamp and one of the big pieces stamps. Well at least I hope you did

Jo - Umina

Jo Hooper said...

Try again, In the spotlight set, live your dream set and big pieces set. pressed the button as I realised.

Jo Umina

Courtenay said...

I agree with Jo - well done

kimb canberra said...

Hi Linda,

nice combo of colours, I like the embellishment too - something I'd like to do more of.

Well my guess is -
the Thanks is from Live your Dreams
the star/flower is from In the Spotlight
and in the embellishment itself you used the little scalloped circle from Labelicious

I'm hoping the canvas/linen panel is actually some paper from the Afternoon Tea DSP.



BLUEJAN5 said...

hi Linda I thought you used Labelicious, live your dreams and in the spotlight. Thought you could have used the canvas as the background but that would make 4.
Jan Woy Woy

Jo Hooper said...

Oh bother, I think you are right about the labelicious. Never mind to me. Jo

Kerrie said...

Hi Linda, hope you and your family had a wonderful xmas..
Here goe's i think you have used
thanks - live your dream
flower - in the spotlight
and you have also used the canvas background stamp
Cheers Kerrie xx

Ramona Michaluk said...

Hi Linda, great card by the way.
I think you used the following sets -

Live Your Dream - for the word 'Thanks'
In The Spotlight (Hostess set) - for the 'flowers'
Linen background stamp - for the brown background.

'bye for now.

Robyn said...

Hi Linda! I think the answer has already been guessed so no chance of winning (sob sob) -but I would just like to say that I love the card and its going into my "faves"