Friday, 30 January 2009

Blog Award? Who? Me?

The other day I received a lovely honour from fellow blogger, Kellie Winnell. Kellie has been busy updating her blog with some lovely cards and other news, and she graciously bestowed upon me the Butterfly Blog Award:

I thought it a lovely gesture - thank you so much Kellie! As part of receiving this award I am to pass it on to other worthy recipients. Well that's really hard! How do I pick a couple of blogs from the hundreds of wonderful blogs out there? So I thought I would narrow it down by concentrating on Australian bloggers, and just including blogs that I have visited quite recently. I decided to include ones that get updated regularly, and that have projects on them that I have found myself particularly inspired by of late. And I tried to avoid blogs that have recently received blog awards. Phew!

So if you arent in this little list, please dont think that I have avoided you. Im just nominating a few of my favourites. I'll do different ones next time. Here are the chosen blogs, in no particular order:

Georgina Martin
(also my upline - aren't I lucky?)

Sarah Klass
(fellow 2008 IT recipient and all-round gorgeous person)

Kerri Hunter
(fellow Elite Stamper and creator of beautiful 3d Projects)

Pam Godfrey(great girl and team member who has been inspiring me for years with her incredible scrapbooking and papercraft skills)

Vanessa Webb
(another fellow IT2008 achiever, and wonderful friend)

Debra Elliott
(one of my team members, who produces gorgeous work and loves papercrafting whenever she can)

Enjoy blog surfing and let the girls know what you think!

I'll be back soon!

Linda H
0412 375 552

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