Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Competition Time - Pick the Retiring stamps!

Thought everyone would like a little competition to ring in the Discontuing List (otherwise known as the Retiring List) which will be coming out this coming Sunday 1st March. I get very excited when the Retired List comes out, because I know that it's only a short time until we get our Brand New Idea Book and Catalogue, full of beautiful new stamps and accessories. And I really cant wait to see what's in it this year.

So....... us Demonstrators have been speculating as to which stamps sets will be staying, and which ones will go. What I would like you guys to do, is to put together your list of 10 stamp sets that you think will be on the Discontinued list on Sunday. Please submit your entries by email to, and make sure you have them to me by 9pm Saturday 28th February in order to be eligible for the prize. (What prize? I hear you ask) Well how does a retiring stamp set from my own collection sound? I will give you several to choose from and as you know retired stamp sets are in high demand. The winner will be the person who gets the most retiring sets right on their list of 10. Should there be a tie for first place I will draw one winner from those that were tied.

Please note that you cant include Hostess sets (we know that those will all be going, so those dont count), and you also cant include stamp sets that are on the Bushfire Appeal list (click here for that information) as they already have a * next to them if they are retiring, so they dont count either. But any other stamps sets in the catalogue are fair game!

For this competition you can only win the prize if you are not a demonstrator, and if you are Australian based - but Demonstrators are still welcome to try their luck at guessing the retiring sets and seeing how many they get right. I'd love to hear from everyone! I think I will give this one a go myself!

Good luck guys - and dont forget to email your entries to


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I Have purely picked on personal taste, well what i feel is the lack of personal taste, because i dont think i like the ones i picked. Well, certainly keen to see, if my tastes are tasteful or not.