Sunday, 19 July 2009

Cranky Old guy with a Big Moustache

Ok.. is it just me?

Every time I look at this flourish - which I adore by the way - I see a Cranky old guys with a massive Moustache. Can you see him? Or am I on something? He's at the very top of the flourish.. in this case I think it looks even more the case because the white dots on the patterned paper are forming a pupil in his eyes!

I was cleaning my craft desk today (yes, you read that right) and suddenly got inspired to create again. So glad because between Family trauma and the school holidays I've been a little lacking in creative mojo of late. SO nice to have it back!

I really like this card - I combined Pink Pirouette with Choc chip and Close to Cocoa cardstock - such a nice combination. The flourish is embossed in white onto the Bella Rose patterned paper. Such a simple card, but effective I think.

If you want information on making this card, or wish to purchase supplies to recreate it, please contact me at

Enjoy the card!


Jenny Hayward said...

Linda, I'm never going to look at this stamp the same again!!! I do see the cranky old guy with the big moustache!!! Maybe stamping does that to you!

I'm glad the mojo is back.


Carol Dunstan said...

I agree, now I am always going to think this is the right way up for it or Green Man will be really cranky!

Cass said...

Yep, definitely a cranky old guy! Love him though. :)

Lynda S said...

Great attitude Linda!!! It was like looking at one of those magic eye thingys!! LOL!!! Found it tho!! Simplicity is a great way to find your mojo again and u have done a FAB job.

KimB said...

Hi Linda,

nope you're not dreaming - as soon as I read your comment - he was there! Despite the cranky old bloke on the front the card turned out lovely:)


nerida said...

Perhaps you could ink him up in red and put a santa hat on him?
Nice colours on this one.

Kerrie said...

I totally agree Linda, definitely a cranky old guy, how funny, i probably would have never noticed until you pointed him out, now you do know thats all ill see every time i use that

Michelle said...

ROFL!! I see him now, even though I have stamped this particular damask stamp lots of times, I never thought that before! Thanks! (I think?!!) So glad to read that the move went well, all the best for the Housewarming/Mini Launch. And this particular card is moving into my CASE pile, cranky old bloke and all!
thinking of you, xx michelle

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...
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