Sunday, 9 August 2009

Missing in Action

Yep, that's me.. MIA. I have now been without Internet for over a week, and I have to say that for someone who uses the Internet in a BIG way - to stay connected and to do business - it's been a big challenge for me. Like having your arms cut off. Well, maybe not quite that dramatic, but challenging all the same.

So I am currently sitting in McDonalds, using their free Internet, and so I've just been wading through lots of emails and other information. If you have sent me an email in the past week, then there is a good chance that I havent received it. I am hoping that Telstra will be able to rectify the problem very soon, but until they do, I am very limited in what I can achieve here. However, I have been finding some time to create, so in the next couple of days I will take some pics and get back down here to Macca's and put some cards up for you to check out.

Other than the phone and Internet, our move went very well. We were blessed with wonderful weather, and I am getting all the boxes unpacked gradually. Hopefully by next Sunday's launch/house warming (see previous post) I will have it all done, and will just be able to relax a little. The kids are loving the new backyard and the trampoline, and Im enjoying the convenience that the location offers. It's taking less than half the time to get to school now, which is a big bonus. Yesterday, I wandered with Emma and a girlfriend to the shops and had coffee and a look through the lovely giftshops. I love living walking distance to the shops!

Have fun and get creative!

Linda H


Karen said...

Hi Linda,

So great to hear that your move went smoothly and that your enjoying all that this new life brings for you!

Thinking of you!


Sue said...

Glad to hear you're settling in to your new place Linda. Wishing you all the best for unpacking and new starts. Take care, Sue

Anonymous said...

We missed you, I am glad you are settling into your new house and enjoying new neighbours.

Kristy Young said...

Hope you get settled and internet back real soon.
Hope your well.