Monday, 24 May 2010

Want 20% off? Here you go...

So everyone knows that as a demonstrator you get a minimum of 20% off your purchases right? And lots of other cool stuff and freebies, right? But right now until the end of July, if you purchase the demonstrator kit, it's 20% off too! So instead of $324, it's only $259!!! (And in there you will find more than $570 worth of goodies! How cool is that!)

You can see a pic of the starter kit here... included in the picture is the optional Scrapbooking "Add-on" if that's your thing. The best bit is that you can customise the kit to suit your style.. so you can change many of the items - the stamp sets and paper and inks can all be swapped to ones that you prefer, for the same or lesser value.

For more information, contact me at and I will send you an information pack. What are you waiting for??? :-)

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