Monday, 8 November 2010

Shimmer Paint Techniques

Hello Blogworld!

Many times I photograph cards or projects to load here onto the blog, and I am often disappointed that they never look as good on the screen as they do in real life. I am really pleased with the cards that we are making at tonight's technique class, but they look sooo much better in real life. This time we are spotlighting Shimmer paints and some of the ways that you can use them. I am a huge fan of these paints.. and they add so much sparkle to your projects. Sparkle is great at any time of year.. but Christmas even more so dont you think??

The blue and white ATC is for your technique folder (I supply these for attendees), and uses the Platinum Shimmer paint. The "Life is Beautiful" card was actually my swap at Incentive Trip this year. And the Medallion card is a CASE of Andrea Walford's Shimmer Paint card. There are close-ups below.

I have one of these classes tonight, so if you wish to join us you will need to be quick! But I am also running a second class at 11am on the 24th November. Classes are held at my home on the Central Coast, and you will make the three projects that you see here (an ATC, and 2 cards) for a cost of $15, as well as learning about other cool things you can do with your Shimmer Paints.

I hope you like the projects.. the sparkle doesnt show as much here, but trust me, it's there!

Enjoy! xx


Paper Lady said...

If I was on the coast tonight, I'd come to your class! I'm intrigued, what's an ATC?

Linda said...

Karen, ATC stands for "Artists Trading Card". Very often you will find that people will swap these or use them as samples... I use them to show a basic technique. And the other cards step up that technique. Each time I run a technique class attendees get to add a ATC to their folder.. the folders are actually those trading card ones that kids use to store footy cards. But they work really well to build up a collection of samples for this kind of thing.
And I wish you lived closer too! xx

Nerida said...

Linda, I still have my ATC folder from a few years ago. All three projects are really beautiful. Love what you've done with the shimmer paint.

Christine Henderson said...

Hi Linda...finally I am back visiting your blog. Thank you for visiting me! I absolutely love your cards and how you have used the shimmer paint...wish I lived in your part of the world so I could come along and learn how to do it!