Thursday, 6 October 2011

October Ribbon Shares

Ok... its Ribbon Share time again. This time I have picked two of my new favourite ribbons... the Seam Binding ribbons, and the In-color Ruffled ribbons. You can see the gorgeous Seam Binding ribbon used on the above card... this one is in "Cherry Cobbler" - its just yummy! One of the best things about it is how easily it ties! I'll pop up a photo of the ruffled ribbons for you real soon.

Here is how it works. You love the new ribbons.. I know you do! ;-) But you hesitate because you dont really need the 9.1m of ribbon that is on each roll... and how on earth will you decide between all those gorgeous colours, and if you buy each one, wow that's a lot of money. Well.. with a ribbon share you avoid all those issues, and end up with all the colours, but for a fraction of the price. If you want to see the ribbons, turn to page 138-39 of your new Idea Book and Catalogue. Or click HERE to see a new catty.

I will divide the ribbons up for you... this time we are going to do a quarter-share of each ribbon colour. Which works out to be approximately 2.27m per colour.

The Seam Binding Ribbons (all 7 colours) will be available for $24 (approximately 2.27m of each colour). This figure includes postage.
The Ruffled ribbon (all 5 colours) will be available for $25 for each quarter roll, including postage.

Or buy both the Seam Binding share, and the Ruffled ribbon share for $45, and get a good deal!

So who's in? Please contact me at to be part of the share. Let me know whether which share you would like to receive, or both. I need 4 people for each share to get started. I will order these ribbons over the next couple of weeks and wind the share up before the end of October. Please note that I will email you back to confirm that I have received your email - I would hate you to miss out on this. This means if don't respond, I haven't received your email.

Now don't forget that I will be in Fiji on the Stampin' Up! Incentive trip next week from Tuesday 11th October and back on board on Monday 17th October. So I wont be able to reply to your emails during this time. I will be placing another order before I go, so please contact me at if you have anything you need. Oh... and dont forget too our fantastic Simply Stocking promotion this month! Click HERE for more details about that! Love it!

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