Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ok.. so its not my usual card. But then it hasn't been a very usual week this week either. Last Saturday, so just over a week ago, I was at the beach with my kids and managed to break my foot. So I have spent quite a lot of time sitting around this week, in between running classes (thank goodness for a job where I can mostly work from home!) and coming up with unusual ideas.

This one is certainly unusual.. but I think you can see where I drew my inspiration from for this Get Well soon card. :-) It's completely top-heavy, totally impractical and a bit unbalanced... just like me. Hoping I wont get to use the card anytime soon though... unless I send it to myself. Although I do know a couple of people who have recently injured their feet and/or ankles....

So this week I head back to the hospital to visit the Fracture Clinic and they will tell me what happens next and how long I need to be off it for. Hoping to have it off in time for Christmas... but I guess I will find out. Life is never a dull moment around here.


KimB said...

Hi Linda,

you sound very cheerful despite recent events and its truly amazing that you are still running your classes! Hope your foot's road to recovery is smooth!
Take care
Kim xxx
PS: I enjoyed your incentive trip rundown sounded like a lovel,y fun, stamp filled :) relaxing holiday.

Linda said...

Thanks for that Kim.. lovely to "see" you here. I still have to work... lucky I can mostly do classes at home so I dont need to go anywhere.. its perfect! Glad this didnt happen before Fiji! That would have played havoc with the river rafting trip! Glad you enjoyed the updates :-)