Monday, 12 December 2011

Our last Stamp Club Project for 2011

In 2011 I ran 3 different stamp clubs. Two day clubs and one night club. (These are different to the Big Shot clubs which are virtual clubs....I'll be starting new Big Shot clubs in the new year) In a Stamp club we actually get together to make a different project each time. I love them for a few reasons... for example they are a good source of regular income for me, and we get the chance to make a project each time that is a step above what I would be prepared to do as a normal workshop project.

But for me the very best thing about Stamp Club is that I really get to know each club member a lot better, and I also have the privilege of watching some really lovely friendships form in each group. Pretty much every year I have seen tentative quiet groups at the beginning of the year, and as the year progresses, the groups tend to get a bit louder as they relax and become more comfortable with each other.

Around this time of each year I start looking for expressions of interest from those people that would like to be in a club. This year all my groups have decided to continue on into 2012, although there are a couple of members that are unable to continue due to other life stuff. So I am looking to fill those spots, and if there is enough interest, then I will also start more groups.

So what is Stamp Club all about? They are run either monthly for a minimum of 6 months, or Bi-monthly for 12 months. We need 6 members to begin. At each get-together all members place an order which is at least $50(rrp) in value, meaning that we always have an order value of at least $300 each time. Each member takes their turn at being the hostess. So when you are the hostess, you get the hostess benefits that month, which is a minumum of $50 (in free products of your choice. Hostesses are allocated in the order that they join the club. For the day club, the hostess also brings along lunch for us to share, and for the evening club, the hostess brings supper. Clubs are held on the Central Coast of NSW, and I hold them in my home.

Having run these clubs for several years now, I can tell you they are one of my favorite things about being a demonstrator. If you think that being in a club is for you, please email me at I will be starting new clubs in the new year.

The card you see on this page is the most recent project I made with Stamp Club... its a "Centre Step card" and I was inspired to make it after seeing a similar idea in one of our Demonstrator magazines. As far as I know everyone liked it. :-) We don't always make cards.. this year the clubs have done some great 3D projects as well. I do hope that you enjoy this one though, and I am really excited to find lots of new projects to share with my club groups in 2012.

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