Saturday, 14 April 2012

One for the Bookworms

Every year I set goals for myself. I've done this for years. I usually stick them on my fridge so I am can see them (for obvious reasons these are called "Fridge Goals"... believe it or not, if it's on my fridge I know I have a good chance of it happening because it's in front of me every day, and I get really clear on what it is I want for me and the kids. This includes personal and business goals. They are both really important to me. And let's face it, I have business goals because they mean good things for us personally. For example, I am aiming at a new car that my business will buy for me sometime this year. I have a picture of what I want I my fridge. And my 9yo daughter drew a picture of it for me and wrote "My Mum's new Car"... that's on the fridge too. (And coloured it blue of course)

But some goals don't make it to the fridge. These are still important, but just on a different level. And one of those this year had to do with my love for books. Over the past couple of years whilst we got our little family back on its feet I haven't had time to read, which is something I had always loved to do. So my goal in that area for 2012 was to try to read one book a month. 12 books. Seeing as I had been reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" since I went to Hamilton Island in October 2010 and still hadn't got past the first few chapters at the beginning of 2012, I threw myself into reading it in January this year. And rediscovered my love of books that I hadn't felt in so long. I read all three of that series, plus "Water for Elephants" that my daughter gave me for Christmas. Now I am reading the third book of a very popular current series... hang on.... It's only April!!!

So very satisfying to discover my long-lost love of novels. Lovely to have a goal just for me... and yet... my daughter has just lost herself in a book series for the first time. She just read the "Magic Faraway Tree" books. Watching her spending her hours engrossed in these books made me smile... and I realized that it's a wonderful example when you read for your children. I'm sure it's not a coincidence that as I start reading more, so does my daughter. And my 6yo son's reading has taken off this year too... as in he can now read independently,even if the books are much more suited to his age group. I thought you might like to see a picture of him reading to his sister.

So I've been making these cute little Bookmarks using my new Simply Scored tool,and though you might like to see them. They will be one of the items we will be making in the "Simply Scored technique class". I have two dates for this... Tuesday 24th April @ 7.30pm. and Monday 30th May @ 11am. Please note this is a change of date, and my apologies if anyone is inconvenienced by this. You will make 3 projects and the cost for this class is $20. All materials and light refreshments are provided. Just email me at to book yourself a spot.

So can you guess what I am reading now? Here's a clue....

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Hi Linda,
Because you inspire me I have sent you a Liebster Blog award!
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