Monday, 21 May 2012

Pleated Ribbon Share

  I haven't done a Ribbon Share for a while, and wanted to offer a share for those of you who have been eyeing off the very beautiful pleated ribbons in our current catalogue.  I have been using it over and over since our current Mini came out last month, and I do hope there is something very similar in our next big catalogue... although there are no guarrantees of that of course. But it's here now... and if you would like to get your hands on some of all four colours for a reduced price this is your chance.

There are four rolls in the above four colours - Baja Breeze, Blushing Bride, Pear Pizazz, and Riding Hood Red, and they retail for $13.95 per roll (not including postage). There is 4.6m of beautiful ribbon on each roll.  But if you take part in my Ribbon Share, you can purchase a quarter of each roll of ribbon for a total of $14 for the share. So that means you are getting all four colours for $14. Or you may choose to purchase a double-share (which is half a roll of each colour ribbon) for $25. That's a great deal. Please note that these prices included postage.

I am happy to send the ribbons to you regardless of where you might be located within Australia.  To take part just email me by clicking HERE.  I'll be offering this share until the end of May.. so get in before the end of the month for a great deal on beautiful ribbon :-)

Linda H xx

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