Saturday, 1 December 2012

It's Here! Available from today!

And what an awesome present this would make for your crafty friends and family. If you've been looking for an alternative to your old cutting system I have to tell you how excited I am that Stampin'Up have finally released their own, and much improved, paper trimmer.

I love mine! It cuts beautifully... and I am so pleased with all the new features. Like:

  • Numbers are under a clear film so wont rub off with use
  • There is a printed grid on the surface to make sure you always cut straight (we didnt have that before)
  •  The trimmer comes with both cutting blade and scoring blade and there is room for both blades in the track without having to remove one to cut or score.
  • There is a storage compartment underneath to hold lots of extras (bone folders, extra blades etc)
  • The measuring arm locks into place and has a foot underneath so that it wont flap around and will be square for cutting.
  • The plastic protective piece (dont know what its called sorry) that goes over the cutting track also locks into place for transporting. 
But my favourite thing is how well it cuts. You can either take my word for it and order yours by emailing me (click HERE) or check mine out and see for yourself. For $49.95 (plus postage and handling) this is a great buy for Christmas and beyond. Upgrade whatever cutter you are currently using and enjoy the results.

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