Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Simply Sad

Thankfully I dont have a need to make Sympathy cards very often. But last night I had some sad news of a friend's husband who passed away.  And so, although it seems such a small gesture, I sat down first thing this morning to make a card for her.

I pulled out lots of different items...stamps, ribbons, and various embellishments. But then I realized that I just wanted to keep it very very simple. So that's what I ended up with... simple. One flourish stamp. One sentiment. One colour (plus the neutral base). I did punch a couple of flowers to add to the flourish, and a tiny pearl in the flower centre of each one. And then I stopped. I've been looking at it, wondering whether to add anything... but I've decided not. The hard part is working out what to say inside the card. What words to say to her. So sudden and so sad. :-(

There is something about being part of a community like the Stampin'Up community. We are all joined by a common thread. Friendships are made and treasured. We share various events and ideas together... especially the Demonstrator group.  I am so glad of it.  But when one person is experiencing suffering I have noticed that we come together for support in a different way. Certainly the Demonstrator group was there for me nearly 4 years ago when I suffered my own loss.. even if it was a very different kind of loss. They offered strength and comfort.  I hope that my friend will find the support and comfort in all her friends and family that she needs.

Thinking of you today. 

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