Thursday, 14 February 2013

BDP "Smash Books"

I wanted to show you a little project that I completed yesterday.  This is the "Smash Book" for the Stampin'Up Business Development Program (BDP).  Stampin'Up runs a business coaching program for Demonstrators at Executive level and above... we get to talk to a business coach about issues that impact our businesses, and it really helps to discuss these kinds of things with an objective coach. One of the initiatives this year is for each participant to use a "smash book" to keep track of these discussions.. somewhere to take notes, write goals and celebrate achievements. We were each sent the raw materials for the books... and told to go forth and create a cover for your book. So here you see mine.  As today is Valentines Day I think I was a little taken by a "hearts" theme. But quite truly, I think running a business is a heart affair... you need a lot of heart to make it work!

I was inspired by THIS CARD, which I recently showed here on my blog.

It was a fun project to do, and now I am looking forward to using my book. :-)  Hope you enjoy it too.

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