Sunday, 14 July 2013

MDS LAYOUT - Shelli and Me

This past week I sat down and created a quick page in MDS. When I say quick, I mean less than 15 minutes. One of the things I love about MDS is how fast you can create a page from scratch.  I love to scrapbook.. but I am the slowest scrapbooker ever. I deliberate for ages on where to place things, and what to stick down. But with MDS, you can try a bunch of different things, and hit the "delete" key if you dont like the result.

For anyone that would like to find out more about MDS Stampin'Up are running a series of MDS training events in capital cities around Australia. The Sydney one is being held on the 10th August, and i am planning on attending. If you would like to come, let me know! The cost is $35 and INCLUDES the full MDS software! So its a bit of a bargain really. The program will run from 9am - 1pm.  The best bit is that Stampin'Up are hosting this event... and from past experience, they really know how to run a great event. So come along and learn how to use this awesome program.  At time of writing I still have space in my car for anyone that wants a lift. Email me at

By the way.. this photo was taken recently at our Australian convention in Brisbane.  I was really happy to be able to get a photo of myself and Shelli Gardner together.. right before the very end of Covention. I think the US convention will be VERY different.. but I am off to go to that one this coming week, so I hope to have some photos for you. All very exciting!

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