Saturday, 7 September 2013

Better Late than Never - US Convention 2013 photos from Salt Lake City

Yes, I do realize I am way behind with putting up my trip photos this year. There are a few reasons why it has taken so long:

  1. I have just not gotten around to it - very slack I know!
  2. It's been a very busy time since I got back - new catalogue, catching up, extra blogging.... 
  3. I've had my hands full with kids this month... book parade, migraines, projects
  4. I uploaded my photos whilst on my trip to my Facebook Business page this year.. was instant so that people could see what I was up to at the time. If you want to see what I am up to more often do "Like" the business page... you'll get more up-to-date info, because the truth is that Facebook is easier and faster to do on-the-go. 
Without further fuss, I am going to post some of my favourite photos from the trip, more or less in order.  

At the airport, all excited:

thats Beth, Marelle, Ness, Cheryl and myself. :-)

How crazy is that?  5800 papercrafters all heading into the doors of the US convention in Salt Lake City. I made my escape up to the next level to take this photo :-)

This is the Salt Palace where the convention is held. A 5 minute walk from our hotel. Given how hot it was in SLC, I was very glad to be nice and close. That tall bit at the entrance is meant to resemble a Salt Shaker. 

Some of our group that we spent lots of time with: (from left) Denielle, Cheryl, Ness, myself and Julia. Denielle took her hubby as her guest, whereas I took Cheryl this year as mine. Ness had her sister Julia (who lives in Canada) come and join us for the Convention part of the trip. Then Simon (Ness' husband) came over for the Park City bit. How awesome is it that Stampin'Up paid for us all to be there? So so grateful!

My Convention swap cards.  There was a Caramello Koala on the back of each one, to give my US friends a little taste of Australia :-)

The displays were amazing. Unfortunately I am not allowed to show them all to you as there was lots of as-yet-unreleased products... but this is just to give you an idea.

A MDS layout I did of myself and Vanessa whilst we were there. 

Breakfast with the girls....

The Shopping is awesome in SLC! I was after some Pandora beads because they are soooo much cheaper than here.  Ness bought me one for my birthday (the pink glass bead), and I bought myself a clip too (the one with the sparkly heart).  A good memento of my trip. 

The thing we did the very most in SLC?  LAUGH!  This is my gorgeous friend and team member Denielle, having an "Alien Moment" whilst shopping at the planetarium. We laughed so hard at how this turned out.. she even looks green in that light!  Love you Denielle! xx

We had some fantastic food whilst in Salt Lake, but on our final night we decided to have a memorable meal... and went out for Fondue! It was seriously yummy!  I loved too that it doesnt get dark over there until well and truly after 9pm, so the city at "night" felt very safe, and very clean. 

On our final day in Salt Lake we went to the Marriot again for breakfast... I thought the service there was awesome, not to mention the food being excellent. I went for my old favourite - Eggs Benedict - and you can see Jules enjoying her Breakfast special. Very healthy and attractive! 

So thats a sampling of my SLC photos for the Convention part of our trip.  I loved every minute of being there!  I will be back sometime in the next few days to show you some of the Incentive Trip photos from Park City. Determined to get this DONE!  I hope you enjoyed these photos... and that you got a feeling for how spoiled we were! Thank you so much to StampinUp for providing the opportunity for us to go.. paying for our airfares and for the Convention fees.  I adore working for such an amazing and fun company and you guys seriously rock! xx


Patrice said...

Lovely photos Linda :-) so many happy memories for you.

Patrice said...

Lovely photos Linda :-) looks like you all had so much fun.