Thursday, 5 December 2013

Get ready... we have a new Clearance Rack Sale coming next week!

For those of you that were around last year... you might remember the Clearance Rack Sale that was held in December and January. It was fantastic because discontinued items were put up for sale at huge discounts... and lots of my customers cleaned up!

What wasn't so great was the fact that there was a bit of a frenzy on many of the items... so by the time some products got ordered... they were already out of stock! Fantastic for those that got in quick.. but for those that had hesitated... well the news wasn't as good. 

So.... this year the clearance rack sale starts on December 10th... yep that's NEXT WEEK!!!  I have a few suggestions for you based on what I learned from last year. 

1. Dont wait! If you see something you want, grab it while you can. This isn't a joke... things will sell out so fast it will make your head spin around!  That's what happened last year anyway!

2. This year the savings are even bigger.. with some items marked down by 80%... so yes there are definitely bargains to be had. And no, I have no idea what items will be on sale yet.  But we will know on the 10th as to the first round of available products. 

3. Online Ordering is the best way to avoid disappointment.  You are welcome to email me, or phone your orders through... as you did last year. BUT if you want to make sure you don't miss out... register for Online Ordering... and order it yourself! This means you don't have to wait for me to receive the email and process the order... you can do it right there and then, and you are less likely to miss out on what you want. 
To register for Online Ordering, click on the "Shop Now" link on this blog. It will take you directly to my online shopping page.. my name and details will be in the top right hand corner of the page. From there you enter your details... and you can start shopping whenever you are ready. Postage is added to your order... the minimum postage is $5.95. 

As more details are released I will update the information here.  And on the 10th I will post the link to the clearance items here on my blog as soon as I have them.  Or you can visit the Online store (the "Shop Now" button) and they will be listed there too. 

Today I've also posted a photo of one of the cards we made at my Stamp-a-Stack earlier this week.  Its using the stamp "Christmas Star" which is one of our single stamp offerings this Christmas.. If you would like to see what other Single Stamps we have available click HERE... these stamps will only be available until the 31st January.  Here are the images to take a peek at: 

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