Wednesday, 18 December 2013

More "Undefined" from Stampin' Up - my rustic Owl :-)

So today was my final class for 2013! Whilst I am glad to have some time now to enjoy the holidays and spend some time with the kids, I am sad that classes are over too.  I'll look forward to them starting up again in January. Stay tuned for a class schedule which will be up here on the blog before Christmas :-)

Today was my "Undefined" class... and we played with our kits, and learned how to carve stamps from scratch. Whilst there is certainly satisfaction in carving your own unique stamp, I have to say it also gives me an appreciation for how beautifully our catalogue stamps are made. I know its a different process entirely.. but there is a lot to be said for perfectly drawn, deeply etched stamps. Thank you SU for making stamps that are so high in quality and ready to use!

Having said that.. carving your own stamps is FUN! Everyone at my class got to choose their own design, and the trick is to choose a very simple shape for the first attempt.  I thought everyone did an amazing job for their first try, and they got to make a card with it too.

Here is the little owl I made in today's class, and then I stamped quickly the card you see here. I think I might do some more owls as I do love them. :-)

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