Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Craft Studio - before and after

So Im not quite done yet organizing my craft space. I started last weekend, whilst the kids were away for the weekend at their Dad's, and spent an entire day going through year's worth of STUFF, under the desk, on top of the desk, around the desk. etc etc. But I thought you might like to see my space.

This is what it looked like as I was working on it.. i forgot to take a proper "before" photo.  Pretty messy huh?  The big box in the lower left is all paper rubbish to recycle. Then the blue and white plastic bag is full of plastic rubbish.

It's always a bigger job than you expect. But the previous day I had needed the table for a team event, and so I (you might say stupidly) decided to unceremoniously dump everything ON the tables onto the floor as I was short on time. And so, there it all sat, challenging me, and so the need to clean and organize my craft studio from one end to the other began.

But I havent quite got there yet. There is still one largish cupboard that I need to tackle. And the bottom shelf of my display cabinet needs work too. But I am pleased with the progress so far.. because right now I FEEL organized, and have a pretty good idea of where everything is.  Plus I have set some items aside for a charity group that I know can use them. And I have a box of retired stuff to sell too.

Im a bit limited as to what I can do with my studio as I live in a rental property and so I cant modify the space much. Its actually the garage that has been carpeted in and gyprocked, but it works pretty well for me.  I can sit about 8 people comfortably at the tables, 10 if I SQUEEZE them in! But I usually cap classes at 8 for comforts sake.

So I have my first stamp club of the year tomorrow, and am feeling on top of things, and pretty organized. Its a good feeling. Right now, I even feel motivated to keep it organised... wonder how long that will last.......??

Here are my stamps in the bookcase...

And this is the display cabinet that I use for storage at the other end of the room.

I hope you enjoyed my studio snaps today, back with more projects to show you soon. :-)


sharon said...

This looks like a great space Linda.....and you have done well to get it in tip top shape. There is no better feeling than to move from disorganisation to organisation in some part of your always xxxxxx

Nikki Spencer said...

Good job Linda! Nothing like a good clean up, it's a great feeling to have it all under control. Although, if you are anything like me, it's usually short Love those pretty walls..:0)

Linda Higgins said...

Thank you Nikki.. how true is that? Allow me to have my 15 minutes of a tidy craft area. Mind you, we had stamp club there today, and its not looking all that tidy anymore! And Sharon.. nice to see you here! :-)