Monday, 17 March 2014

Getting my Art on.. Watercolour backgrounds

I love watercolour techniques! How beautiful is this background? I think I might do a video tutorial on this one this week if people would like to see it??  But apologies in advance... there's no way that I could duplicate this background exactly.. that's one of the things that I love about watercolouring.. it turns out different every time.  Thats half the fun! 

Here's the whole card:

And another close up:

I love the way the colours "float" together and blend so that it's hard to tell where one colour ends and the next begins. 

Enjoy! And I'll be back real soon :-)


Roberta Giefer said...

I would love to see a video on this!

Roberta Giefer said...

I would love to see a video on this technique. I have this stamp and your card is beautiful!

Louise McDonell said...

I would love to see a tutorial on this! So pretty. Like a grungy vintage, loving the colours!

Alioeding said...

Me too Linda ... it's unanimous! Please do a video to show us how, its so beautiful

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Thanks in advance if you do a video.

Anonymous said...

Please make a video! I love this!!