Saturday, 19 April 2014

A work in Progress... my Craft Room chaos!

Instead of showing you a project today, I thought you'd like to see what else I've been up to this Easter. Yesterday I had a lovely friend come over (who has formidable organizational skills - sadly I seem to have missed out on these when they were handing them out) and together we tackled various areas of my Crafting space.

My current craft room is actually what was the garage of this home. We rent here, but before we moved  in the owner had turned the garage into an extra room - the house was actually advertised as "3BR plus rumpus". I remember when i came to look at it the first time my daughter (then 8) came along too, and said "hey look Mum.. its got a craft room!"  So it was no surprise really that this was the house for us. :-)

Over time crafting spaces seem to take on a life of their own... and things that might have been relatively organized at the start just aren't any more.. or they no longer work as well as they did. Thats true of my space. As my business changes shape I seem to need things to work differently. So its been long overdue for a rehaul.

And so yesterday was the day.

First we organized all the ribbons... I now have a big box of retired ribbon that I can use for prizes and promotions. All the A4 cardstock is sorted by colour family order so I know exactly what I have and what I need:

But mid-sorting this is how my crafting table looked!   Aaaaargh!

And I need to do even more of that today!

And also today I am moving on to......

Getting my display bookcase into a state worth displaying! It's an Expedit bookcase from IKEA.  This is the "before" shot, and when I am done I will show you an "After" shot if you are interested??

And if they truth be told... all this is just one way of procrastinating from the REAL TASK!  Which is tackling my 11 year-old's bedroom before she comes home tomorrow morning!  Let's not talk about that.......

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my crazy space. I am excited that some of the more frustrating things (paper and ribbons) are now done, and will hopefully work a lot better for me.

So next time you come along to a class... you should be able to see a difference :-) Im looking forward to it!


janine jess said...

Well done! Love to see your shelves as I have them too. I've put drawers in a lot of mine though. It will be great when you finish - can I hire your friend please? Lol

Linda Higgins said...

Thank you Janine... nice to hear what other people do in their craft rooms too :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, I'm in the process of moving my craft room, and a bedroom, & office - so I have 3 rooms that look like your desk. Jo