Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Celebrating a brand new year!

Yes, I do realize its not an actual new year. But from a Stampin'Up Australia point of view, it is.  On the 1st April each year Stampin'Up celebrates it's anniversary in Australia, and so for us that also means that all our figures and amounts get reset to zero and we start earning our bonuses and awards all over again.  Kinda like a fresh start.. a clean slate :-)

I am so grateful to all the support that you guys... my team, my customers, my colleagues and my friends give to me! I couldn't do any of what I do without you.  Offically... I made the Stampin'Up Grand Vacation for 2014... so excited to be off to Florida and the Caribbean on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship with Stampin'Up! And this year I get to take my kids! A little bit scared about the long haul plane ride with them... but more excited than anything... and of course so are they! We leave in just a few week's time!

So how should we celebrate?? Im thinking some awesome WEEKLY DEALS would be an awesome idea!  And from tomorrow thats just what Stampin'Up have planned for us! Watch this space tomorrow (and every Wednesday in April)  for the first week of our amazing deals this month!

Thank you for being part of my business... Im looking forward to the new year with you all. In the words of my SU team leader... "it's gonna be a cracker!"

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