Thursday, 24 April 2014

Grand Vacation 2014 Swap progress

So I've been busy :-)  I've just had a lovely few days in Wollongong with the fabulous Vanessa Webb working hard on our swaps for the trip. (We are off to the US and the Caribbean courtesy of Stampin'Up in a matter of days now!)  In case you don't know about swaps... at most larger Stampin'Up events there is usually a chance to swap your creations. You make a pre-determined number of the same project (can be anything you like, unless otherwise advised) and bag them up to take along with you. Then when we all get together we swap... you hand over your own creations, and receive lots of other people's creations in return. Its a great way to get new ideas, and even makes our job easier by giving us projects that we can use for classes and workshops. It's also a great conversation starter, and a fabulous way to meet new people.

But when creating projects for something like Grand Vacation (aka Incentive Trip) there is a bit of extra pressure. There probably shouldn't be... most people would be happy to receive anything that you create.  But the truth is that many of the very top demonstrators in the world will be on this trip!  This year it is our GLOBAL market! So there will be to demos from the US, Canada, Europe and the South Pacific, all in one place sharing together.  So... I wanted to create something really special. I agonised over the design for weeks. But finally I have something that I am really happy with :-)

I can't show you the finished project yet (I want it to be a surprise for those that receive them) but thought you would like to see the work in progress so far.

This is the production line for the card backgrounds.  You don't have to make cards specifically, but I have chosen to on this occasion.

And here is the bling cut and ready to be added! I cant wait to show you the finished item in a couple of weeks... It looks quite fantastic! (Even if I do say so myself)

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek! xx

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