Saturday, 7 June 2014

What I love the very most about my job…. BEING a Stampin'Up Demonstrator

Well today is my birthday, and i was thinking what special thing could i put up on my blog today to celebrate?  I decided to put up the thing that is closest to my heart… the thing that has brought me the most joy over the past 7 and a half years… and that is BEING a Stampin'Up demonstrator.  No job has ever brought me more fulfilment or ever connected me with so many wonderful people. Never have I been able to express myself and my creativity as much as I have in this wonderful wonderful "job".  I still pinch myself on a regular basis and can't believe that I actually get paid and feed my little family by doing something that I love so much.

Yes, its work. But I love that every demonstrator gets to do this at whatever level works for them. Want to do parties and classes? Great! Don't want to do them? Thats ok too.  I adore that flexibility and get to enjoy the perks of whatever level I choose.  I love working with a company that does not impose any kind of agenda on me. And I get to be creative and enjoy the benefits of that in my life.

So if you have EVER thought that this looks like fun and think you'd like to have a go… now is an awesome time to do it.  You can join Stampin'Up for as little as $85.. you will get to choose products up to $90 in value OR you can join for the regular price of $169 and get to choose products to the value of $235.  I know this is a ridiculously small price to pay to start a home business, but after doing this for so many years, I promise it can not only be done, but its totally worth it.

Joining Stampin'Up is quite honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made.  If you would like to find out more, please contact me for an info pack by clicking HERE and sending me a quick email. But don't wait around… this special price only goes until the end of June.  Or if you are ready to dive right in, click HERE and follow the prompts.  It's easy to do, and you just need your credit card to start.

$85 is such a bargain to get started! Be part of this great deal :-)

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