Sunday, 7 September 2014

8 Years ago today… Happy Anniversary!!!

8 years ago today I became a Stampin'Up demonstrator. And if you had told me 8 years ago how that simple decision would change my life, I would not have believed it.  So today was Father's Day here in Australia, which meant that my 2 children went off to spend the day down in Sydney with their Dad, and I was able to have a relatively quiet day to reflect. Which made me feel very grateful.  And so glad that I chose to do what I do.

After I dropped the kiddies at their Dad's I went to IKEA and thought I would celebrate by buying one of these for my business:

Specifically, its to keep all my Project Life supplies in one place.  I haven't put it together yet, but thats my next project :-)

I wanted to share something else with you too.  Some of you might be able to cast your minds back and remember this image:

I can't believe that I kept this!  It was my first ever contact with Stampin'Up… an invitation to attend my first Stampin'Up workshop.  I went along with no idea of what I was in for, or what would be set in motion!  What seemed like a small decision at the time, turned into a major turning point.  A change of career, a new creative direction, and hundreds of new relationships. I will always be grateful to Alex for inviting me to her Stampin'Up workshop, and to Georgina for being the demonstrator that did the workshop, and who became my upline.  The time was right for me, and I still remember thinking that SU was a perfect fit for me at that point in my life.

Of course, in the past 8 years, it hasn't always been smooth sailing (what is??) but I've learned so much! About business, about myself, and about life in general. It's been a big 8 years.. for lots of reasons! For 5 and a half of the past 8 years I have run my business as a single mum and juggled things around to fit the needs of my changing family. But we've made it work, and I am really proud of what i've been able to achieve.

So here's to the NEXT 8 years!  I hope you will check in to be part of my story.. whether as a customer, as a team member or as a supportive friend..  You guys are the reason I am still here, and will keep doing what I love and sharing it with as many people as I can.

Happy Creating!

Linda xx

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