Monday, 29 September 2014

The Creative Blog Hop

This week I was invited to be part of The Creative Blog Hop by the talented Kim Badelt.   This is a fun way for us bloggers to "pass the baton" and help showcase the blogs of other's whose work we admire.  Lots of different people both here in Australia and also overseas have taken part in the blog hop.

I first met Kim through my blog so its a fitting way to be invited. She liked to surf around lots of blogs, and sometimes left me lovely comments.  Eventually she became a demonstrator herself, and I remember meeting her for the first time at the Annual Stampin'Up convention.. it was like meeting an old friend... it felt as though we had known each other for a long time even though it was our first actual meeting. So each year when I see her at Convention it is always a treat... and she always does the BEST swaps!  Lucky me, she saves one just for me!

So of course I could not decline her offer to take part in the Blog Hop.

Part of the task involves answering several questions that let you know a little more about my work.  So here we go...

1. What am I working on now?
Im always working on something.. hence my craft tables are always covered in creative mess (as I like to call it).  Right now I am planning and designing my projects for October classes and workshops, and also preparing my next video to upload to my Youtube channel.  The next technique I am going to show there is Coloured Embossing with the Blendabilities.  Here's my camera and tripod set up ready to go...

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?
Actually thats a difficult question to answer.  As a Stampin'Up Demonstrator I use their products almost exclusively... of course there are other items that I can't get through SU that I use from time to time, but because I run a business with SU, I want to mostly use products that I can actually sell.  I tend to prefer softer or subtle colours...although I do have a preference for blues (any shade) and will sometimes break out the brights when I have a need to do something different.  This year some of my favourite cards have been neutrals and metallics.  And yes, I have a love affair with bling and glittery products.  I am also quite prolific so usually have a backlog of projects to show off.  So whilst my work might not be all that different.. i am very committed to getting my stuff and my name out there, and that may set me apart a little.

3. Why do I create what I do?
I was always arty/crafty.. I used to amuse myself growing up on our Northern NSW farm by creating with whatever I could find to create with. I loved art at school, and rediscovered drawing and creating whilst travelling around Canada in 1993, and followed that up with two years at TAFE studying Fine Arts.  I loved screen printing and fabric printing.  But after a nasty collision with PND after my daughter was born it was suggested that recovery might be helped by finding a hobby and doing something just for me. That's when I found Scrapbooking and paper craft. It led me into a whole new world, not just creative release, but a new social network of women that loved what I loved.  When I was introduced to Stampin'Up I fell in love with their products almost instantly.... and i saw that I could support my paper craft habit and maybe even contribute to the family income.  And thats what happened.  It was a love affair that has now continued for 8 years, and the income i earn from it supports my little family, has expanded my friends circle and sends me on a wonderful trip somewhere amazing in the world pretty much every year.  I am so blessed!
There is something very gratifying too about creating something that brings joy to other people.. either the cards or gifts I send to others, or to share my creations in workshops and classes. People come and tell me that they get so much from it... and its great to know that I can pass on all the benefits that I have found in papercrafting, and see others fall in love with it too. :-)

4.How does my creative process work?
I don't overthink it.. which is why it never gets boring or routine. My favourite days are those that I set aside as "designing Days".  I just sit down surrounded by whatever is inspiring me at that moment and play with it!  I try to use whatever is new, and that I think people would love to see.  I love nothing better than to put a bunch of brand new products on the table and mix it up together and see how it turns out.  If I ever lack inspiration then I CASE something from the current catalogues, or I might turn to Pinterest to see what others have done with new products.  But I don't very often find myself lacking inspiration.. the products are so beautiful and easy to work with. And of course everything co-ordinates which makes it much easier.   But don't expect high levels of organisation or a clean space. My brain just doesn't work that way :-)
Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, but you guys only get to see the projects I love :-) Well mostly....

Ok.. so now I get to introduce you to another blogger that I admire.. Nerida Carter.  Nerida's blog is called "Stamping Joy" and you can see it by clicking HERE.   I was supposed to tag 2 bloggers but unfortunately the other bloggers that I contacted were unable to be part of this blog hop at the current time.  Its school holidays here in Australia and everyone is crazy busy right now.  But I was really grateful that Nerida said yes!

Nerida and I met via a couple of avenues. We had met through a baby care centre where we both took our young children, and then i re-met her again at a Stampin'Up workshop. She started coming to classes and we enjoyed getting to know each other even more.  So when she decided to become a Stampin'Up demonstrator herself I was so excited to have her as part of my team.  Nerida is not only a valuable team member, but our friendship is also precious and we have in the past spent lots of crafting time together.. usually at my house whilst the kids amuse themselves elsewhere in the house. Her gorgeous daughter has become friends with my kids too, which is awesome :-)

Here is a bit more about Nerida in her own words...

I’m Nerida (aka Stamping Joy on Pinterest, blogspot and FB)  My home is on the Central Coast NSW Australia, where I live with my partner and daughter.
I started scrapbooking in 2003 soon after my daughter was born, I think most people start with all those gorgeous baby photos. It was a Stampin' Up! party with my mothers group that inspired me to begin cardmaking in 2007 and I became a demonstrator with Stampin' Up! in August 2008.
I do most of my creating and preparing for classes and parties at my dining room table. Though there is nothing like making cards with a group of friends on a back veranda, or even a favourite coffee shop!
Thanks to my wonderful and creative friend Linda for inviting me to be a part of the Creative Blog Hop.
Thank you for visiting my blog today as part of the Creative Blog Hop. Don't forget to visit Nerida's BLOG next Monday too! 

Linda xx


KimB said...

It's so interesting to hear everyone's stories and yours is no exception Linda! Thanks for sharing it and your beautiful work and joining me in the blog hop. I will look forward to seeing you next convention :) x

Linda Higgins said...

Thanks for inviting me too Kim. I had trouble finding two people to tag in the time allowed, so ended up with one which is better than none :-)

Cathy Parlitsis said...

Thanks for the insight into your creative process! It's always fun to see other creative people and their journeys!

Looking forward to participating!