Sunday, 9 November 2014

Cards by Accident :-) A non-traditional Christmas colour scheme

Sometimes I purposefully sit down at my desk in order to make a card or other projects. And sometimes it happens by accident.  Let me explain.

The "Projects by Accident" are the ones that often are the most fun.  And mainly because they are always such a surprise. On Friday night I had one of my Stamp Clubs in my home, and after we all finished chatting, laughing and creating, they all went home.  Before the events my craft room always looks pretty organised.  So it looked like this:

But during the club it looked like this:

So its safe to say that there is always a bit of clean up to do after we are done.  There is bits of cardstock and other offcuts and such all over the place. I had another club coming around late on Saturday morning so I went in on Saturday morning to straighten things up ready for the next round. And in front of me on the table were some left over gold stars, and a piece of blackberry bliss cardstock.  And I saw them sitting there together and they spoke to me. Yep, just like that. Suddenly instead of cleaning up, I was creating with a whole new colour scheme with what I had found there on the desk. I was suddenly in "design mode" and very quickly after that I had created the card you see here today.

So even though I didn't set out to make this card... thats what I ended up with. Kinda fun huh?  Maybe its just that I can be terribly productive when I am actually procrastinating.....

Why don't you head into your crafting space and see if anything lying around inspires you to come up with an unexpected project??


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LeeAnn Sutherland said...

I understand! It happens to me almost every time I go to clean up, I end up creating something out of the leftovers and sometimes it's better that the first project!