Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Looking for a great Christmas gift? Here it is!

If you are looking for a great gift for a crafty friend this Christmas, but you're not sure what to get... I have the solution for you!  I've been making up these great gift card holders, and you can either add a gift card of your choice.. or even better... you can purchase a gift card from me to allow the recipient to choose their own present from Stampin'Up's awesome catalogues.  You can make the voucher for any amount that you choose. And don't forget, if they delay their spending until the 5th January they will be able to be part of the Sale-A-Braton promotion... our biggest promo of the year... to make even better use of their voucher!

There are two ways to purchase gift vouchers from me.  First you let me know the value of the gift card that you would like... I will make up the gift card holder (like the one you see here) and then you can choose to pay cash/bank deposit/Paypal for the amount that you select.  OR if you prefer to pay via credit card the bonus is that you don't pay for the gift until it is redeemed when the recipient places their order.  So thats one way to delay some of your Christmas spending until AFTER Christmas.. so its a good way to help with the budget :-)

Once we have sorted out how you are paying for the card I will then get it to you (anywhere in Australia) so that you have it ready to give to your lucky giftee.

To redeem the card, the  recipient will contact me and let me know what they want. If it has been paid for in advance they can just choose their products and they will be sent directly to them. If the voucher is awaiting a credit card payment, then i will contact you when the order is placed and we will use your credit card at that time to go ahead with the order.

To order your gift vouchers please contact me by clicking HERE.  Vouchers are redeemable until March 31st 2015.

Every year I make up new Christmas gift card holders... but I really love how these ones turned out, and they were really simple to make. Hmmmm... I feel a video tutorial coming on.....

Enjoy the gift card holder and I will be back with more for you soon. :-)


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