Sunday, 30 November 2014

Ready for December - our Awesome Advent Calendar

This is the first year I have actually gotten my act together and found the time to actually make an Advent Calendar... most year's I've thought about it briefly, and then I've gotten distracted with all the other things Im supposed to be doing in readiness for the Christmas season.

Then Stampin'Up went and brought out their latest Holiday Catalogue.. and wouldn't you know it... they had this great set of Tiny Treat Boxes for only $11.95, plus they brought out this fantastic set of number stamps called "25 DAYS"($41.95)... the two work together to create this advent calendar... and here is my version! It was actually a lot of fun to make :-)  I picked a colour scheme I liked and just made each number up as I went.. i love that how you do them is completely up to you!

When so much of the work is done for you (the boxes go together really easily) its hard to resist!

I'm looking forward to December... stay tuned... Im going to be putting up lots of gift ideas in December!

Linda x

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