Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Too exciting not to share... I've earned myself a free trip to Hawaii!

Well.. in truth "I" didn't earn it by myself.. it would be more precise to say that WE earned it!  I've been working on achieving the latest Incentive Trip with Stampin'Up (these days they call it the "Grand Vacation" or "GV") and this week I actually reached my goal!  I say that "WE" earned it because there is no way I could earn trips like this one without the support of my totally AWESOME customers and fabulous Stampin'Up team.  You guys ROCK!!!  Sure, I work hard, and am very consistent with what I do, but I want you to know that I am both very blessed and very GRATEFUL for every order, every person who comes to my classes and events, and every member of my team. You guys inspire me and motivate me to keep going... even when the going gets a little tough!

So I will be packing my bags for myself and my guest to travel to Hawaii in May 2015... I have been there once many years ago... but we were on a very tight budget last time.  This time we will be spoiled rotten by Stampin'Up and I can't wait to see what its like to see Hawaii in style!  Ultimately I am so thankful to Stampin'Up for being the company that they are.. for providing these fabulous reward trips, and for having so much HEART... which is why I stay, and why love my job even more today than I did when i joined them 8 years ago. This Hawaii trip will be my 7th Trip with Stampin'Up, but you never lose enthusiasm for the trips.. they are each completely different and totally awesome. In 2015, the South Pacific demonstrators will be joined by the North American and Canadian demonstrators, and there are lots of awesome demonstrators that I am looking forward to getting to know a little better.

So thank you so MUCH..... and ALOHA!


Jenny van Dijk said...

A big CONGRATULATIONS, Linda!!!! You deserve it! You inspire me with your stunning card designs. I love watching out for your IG and FB posts. Have an awesome trip!

Linda Higgins said...

Thank you for your lovely comment Jenny :-) So glad to help you out with some inspiration from time to time!