Tuesday, 20 January 2015

"Party Time" in Sydney - want to see some photos??

If you've been following my posts you would remember that last Saturday I was attending the "Party Time" event in Sydney.  This was a Stampin'Up supported event, but organised by a demonstrator group.  I was lucky enough to be presenting at this event... and it was an honour to do so. Basically I had the job of running a real-time workshop... so that others could see how I do a party, and hopefully learn something from my example. Of course, there is no such thing as the perfect workshop... but I did something similar to what I might normally do... with the exception being that I was running a workshop for 140 people! Now that's something that I NEVER want to do in real life!

There were lots of other presenters too, gorgeous displays of projects, motivation and inspiration, and hands-on make and take projects. I've added some photos from the day so you can see just a little of what we got up to.....

Here is Aaron Scott and I mid-way through my party presentation.  Aaron is the head of Stampin'Up Australia and he not only hosted the event on Saturday, but I asked him to be my actual party host.  I was able to help him with the Make and Take project... and i think he liked it because he took it home :-)

 Just a small selection of the amazing assortment of projects on display at the event!

And more gorgeousness...

 And yet more product shown off to its best advantage...

Myself, Nerida and Denielle looking happy :-)

 Lorri, Courtenay and myself.. never miss a photo opportunity!

 And here I am with Renae Crosby who attempted to make a new record of 100 selfies on the day... don't think she made it, but she gave it a red-hot go!

Wanda, Nerida and myself

All in all it was a great day... and I would love to thank Teneale Williams for inviting me to have a role in it.  If you have the chance to go to a Stampin'Up event of any kind, my advice is GO!  They are always such inspirational occasions.

See you soon!

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