Monday, 16 March 2015

2015 Tuesday night Stamp Club - only 2 spots left!

I have a Tuesday evening stamp club starting this month.... and I have 2 spots left! (Although I think one of those might be claimed, but I am awaiting confirmation)  If you'd like to be part of Stamp Club... spots don't come up that often, so you'll need to be quick!

So what is Stamp Club?  Really it should be called Papercraft club... because there is no limit to the wonderful things we have created in my clubs over the past years... something using lots of stamps, and sometimes not.  We've had boxed card sets, 3D items, Card-in-a-Box creations, Dioramas, and stationery sets. Just to mention a few.  (I've put up a few photos below of past projects) The point is you'll make lots of lovely and exclusive projects in Stamp Clubs... I keep these classes separate to my other classes and workshops, so you know you'll be making something that is just that little bit different and special.  The stationery set you see above is an example of a simple Stamp Club project - its a Treat bag that contains a card and matching gift card holder. 

Here is how it works:  We need around 6 people to make a club work well. The club goes for a full 12 months, and we meet every second month - so for a total of 6 clubs over the year.  At each club event you'll get to make your project with me and go home with something special.  There is no charge to attend, but your commitment as part of the club is to spend a minimum of $50 at each club get together.  This ensures that we have a $300 minimum order each time... and that means that someone in the club gets to be the "hostess" and receive the benefits of that order!   That means a minimum of $30 to spend on whatever you like - although it could be more depending on the orders on the day!  The Tuesday night club will be held at my place, so you don't even have to clean your house!  Your only other commitment is to bring something along for supper on the night of your club event :-)

We choose the order of the hostesses by drawing the names out of a "hat". Our first club night for the Tuesday club will be Tuesday night the 24th March.. so whoever is hostess that night will be lucky to be able to add the Sale-A-Bration benefits to their freebies :-)  I will draw the hostess on the night.. so its a surprise!  

So yes, Stamp Club is a commitment. But a very easy one as you only need to place an order once every 2 months, and you'll be having a lot of fun making gorgeous things and getting to know a group of like-minded papercrafters! 

If you'd like to join for this next round of Tuesday night stamp club, please click HERE to let me know.  Here are some photos of past projects:

Heart boxes (with matching cards inside)


Easy Concertina Card

Don't worry if you think the project look complicated... they are all simple to assemble and help is at hand if you feel you need it!   I hope you can join us!

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