Saturday, 25 April 2015

ANZAC day commemoration and poppies from our Build-A-Bouquet kit!

Today is a very special day in Australia. For those that don't know, its ANZAC day.  "ANZAC" stands for "Australian and New Zealand Army Corps", and its a day on which we remember the sacrifices made by fallen soldiers so that we can live the lives we do today.  In particular we remember the ultimate sacrifices made by those brave soldiers who landed at what is now known as "Anzac Cove" in Gallipoli, Turkey, on this day in 1915.  So although every ANZAC day is a day to remember, this one is additionally special as we commemorate 100 years since that momentous and tragic landing.

This morning I went down to the waterfront in my local area where volunteers had set up poppies (our symbol of rememberance) to remember each soldier who so bravely gave their lives.  I am not an overly emotional type of person, but it was difficult to hold back tears, and it took me by surprise at the depth of emotion it is possible to feel 100 years after such an event.  There was so much respect between the people there, and I am proud to be Australian and honoured to be in the debt of those men. Here are some photos of the poppies erected by Gosford waterfront for today:

Can you believe the poppies on these bushes are all hand knittted or crocheted??  

So hauntingly beautiful! Many names were on the individual flower stems.

The poppy at the top of this post is actually from our Build-A-Bouquet simply created kit. Aren't they beautiful?  I thought it was appropriate for this post!  I was to run classes on these this week, but due to the storm that came through earlier in the week I have been forced to cancel all my classes and events over this period. My home (and that of many others) is still without power after 5 days...... but I hope to be back creating, teaching and using our lovely products very soon!  I am supposed to be heading to Convention at the Gold Coast next Wednesday so hoping the power comes on before then so I can get away in time!

If you follow me on my Facebook Business Page I will advice when everything is back to "normal" there :-)

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