Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Project Life is awesome for those little moments you want to remember!

I've been playing with Project Life ever since Stampin'Up introduced it into its range last year... and I think I am a bit addicted to it. I started traditional scrapbooking when my daughter was about a year old (she'll be 13 this year) and I loved everything about it from the beginning.  However as time went by I became frustrated with a couple of things. 1. The amount of time and emotional energy I was putting into every page. I had way more photos than I could ever catch up with! It was slow (and I am possibly the world's slowest scrapbooker). 2. The amount of money I was spending just to find the right embellishment and actually find items that matched each other.

In short it all got a bit too hard, slow and expensive... and I found that my scrapbooking stalled altogether for a few years. Which was great for card making and other pastimes as I poured my efforts into those.  But truth be told, I missed the scrapbooking and how I felt whenever I actually completed a page.

Enter project life.  I had started working with a couple of scrapbooking groups, and this has restarted my scrapbooking habit. But I had to face facts... I was never going to be able to catch up in this lifetime! Project Life has changed that for me though. Tonight I sat down and in the space of 15 minutes I had printed out the photos I wanted to scrap for my recent Hawaii trip, AND put them into my pocket pages. I had written down what I want to remember about the day I travelled from Sydney to Honolulu and simply embellished the cards and photos. DONE!  And there is rule no. 1 of Project Life... DONT OVERTHINK IT! Tell your story and let the photos tell theirs, then call it DONE, and move on! That for me is why I love Project Life.  The rest of my trip is what I am going to do as a project in the upcoming school holidays... and I can't wait to get it done!

Want to join me for a Project Life class this week? I have two classes:  
June 25th @ 11am 
June 26th @ 7.30pm

All you need to bring are some 6"x4" photos (at least 12, but more is fine) and everything else is provided. The cost is $20. Classes are held on the Central Coast.  Click HERE to book your spot! 

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