Friday, 12 June 2015

Want a quick, easy and cheaper way to keep your Memories? Project Life is for you!

Love Scrapbooking or Memory keeping?  But you just don't have the time, and let's admit it it both time consuming and can be expensive too. 

Problem solved! Project Life is your answer. For both people who have never scrapbooked before OR for seasoned scrapbookers.. its a FAST and fantastic way to present your photos in meaningful albums without all the fuss. Project Life is a Revolution in Memory Keeping!

Come to this class if:
  • you would just like to see what its all about
  • you don't know where to start
  • you want to see how PL fits together with traditional scrapbook pages
  • you want to catch up with all those photos that you've got behind on
  • you already do Project Life and just want to come and do your own thing
  • any of the above
Cost is $20 and you'll get 2 full page protectors, use of my PL cards, stamps and accessories. We'll go over the basics plus more for those who want to step it up a bit. 

All you need to bring is a bunch of photos you'd like to use (at least 12 or more). Then just come and have fun!

Click HERE to book or to get more info (or call me on 0412 375 552)

Dates: June 25th @ 11am
June 26th @ 7.30pm

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