Monday, 24 August 2015

Reverse Embossing with your Big Shot

This week I am running a "Big Shot Basics and Beyond" class and will be showing all kinds of techniques and tricks you can do with your Big Shot.  I thought you'd like to see one of the tricks i'll be showing.. this one is reverse embossing. The card above shows off this technique.. the embossed shape around the sentiment was created this way.  I've done a close up shot and sponged around this one so you can see the effect more clearly:

If you'd like to come to class this week here are the details...


Tuesday 25th August @ 7.30pm
Wednesday 26th August @ 11am

To book your spot click HERE or contact me on my mobile 0412 375 552

I hope to see you!


GerriK said...

This card is beautiful!! Could you share how you colored the flower white? Did you use bleach? I am in the USA, so can't attend your classes.

Linda Higgins said...

Hi GerriK.. thanks for your comment! You can use various tools to colour it white. Personally I like the Blender Pens from Stampin'Up, and I use them to apply White craft ink, which leaves a lovely chalky look. You can also use chalk pens or what gel pen, but I find I can be more precise with the Blender pens. Hope that helps. :-)