Friday, 11 September 2015

Vintage Leaves make the perfect Thank You card

You need a card, and quickly.  So for me, that means very simple.... no fussy cutting or layers of cardstock.  Just some stamping and glimmer to get your point across.

In my opinion, "no layer" or 1-layer cards can be difficult to pull off. But over the years I have come to the conclusion that they are possible to do... but usually involve some kind of "trick".  By "trick" I mean, that you need to add a distraction or a little clever something. This could be almost anything.  For today's card, I used the baby wipe technique to make my leaves multicoloured (so they almost jump off the cardstock) and i also added a small strip of gold glimmer paper and some perfectly coloured sequins from the "Seasonal Snapshot" project life accessory pack.

It was quite literally a 5 minute card. And sometimes thats just what you want!

Have a lovely day today guys... wherever you may be :-)

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