Saturday, 24 October 2015

Penguin invitations with the Envelope Punch Board

October is a busy month for our family... not to mention expensive!  Both my children celebrate their birthdays, as well as my mother.  So there is lots to do, and one of my tasks is to create cards for each of them. We don't do parties every year, but this year is a "party year" for my son, who is turning 10.  It wasn't hard to choose a theme.. he has quite a few very specific "likes" and interests, but when I saw the new "Snow Place" stamp set in our new Holiday catalogue I knew that he would LOVE the penguin stamp in there!

I have no idea where his love of Penguins came from.. but he is quite besotted with them!  His favourite animal by far!  So I made a sliding invitation... the outside was created with the Envelope Punch Board to make a pocket, and the inside piece with the party details on it has a penguin on top... so you pull the penguin out of the pocket to read the details.

Ben said the first person he gave it to tried to open the whole thing and destroyed it!  So after that he stood with each friend he gave it to so that they knew what to do.  :-)

Here is another picture that shows the "correct" way to open it!  lol


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