Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Video Tutorial: Creating Decorative Corners with the Curvy Corner Trio Punch

I have to admit I didn't purchase this punch with my first order from the catalogue.  There are always sooooo many things I wish to purchase to show off to my customers... you cant have EVERYTHING! (Although I do give it my best shot! Ha!)

But I kept this Curvy Corner Trio Punch on my wishlist all the same... and then of course I started seeing what everyone was doing with it.  And the results are lovely. So I decided to get one.  This week I ran my first classes that included the use of this punch.... and everyone really liked it!  I like it too.. because its basically a 3-in-1 punch and so it has lots of uses.

On the card above I used it to make decorative corners on the feature piece of paper and I really like how it turned out. I also put Washi Tape on the bottom of this piece of cardstock, and the punch had no trouble at all going through both the paper and the washi. If you put your washi on first, and then punch, it makes it look as though the washi is part of the paper.

So after using the punch and my customers also using it in class, I made a quick little video to give you a couple of tips on how to use it.

If you decide you would like one of these punches for yourself, visit the Online Store by clicking HERE.  Items can be sent anywhere in Australia for a low postage charge... all prices are in Australian dollars.

I'll be back with more to show you soon. In the meantime enjoy the video!

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