Sunday, 20 December 2015

Last minute preparations and production lines....

Im enjoying a few days away over this weekend. I've come down to the gorgeous South Coast of NSW to spend some quality time with my gorgeous friend Vanessa.  We try to come down here at least once each school holiday period, usually just to "be", to talk, and to create together. And when life has been beating me down a little, I love that this is a safe place for both myself and my children. We've been coming here so many years now, that it feels like a second home, and all three of us are immediately comfortable when we walk in the door.

This time though, I actually have a mission to complete.  Ness and I are planning on putting together my wedding invitations.... in amongst all the hustle and bustle of Christmas I actually am trying to organise a wedding at the same time. No wonder Im tired!  But slowly its all coming together, and the invitations are one of the small but important details that needs to be considered. I designed them a couple of weeks ago. I was going to do a few different designs that I had ideas for, but then the first one turned out pretty nice, and I thought, you know what.... that will be good enough! And I do like that that they are meaningful for us.

Of course I cant show you the invites yet... I'd like to get them out first to our guests. But I promise to show you when I can. In the meantime I thought you'd like to see the production line as it is happening.

And the card above is another creation with new products from this weekend's creativity. I used the "Memories in the Making"cards from our SAB free selection... the acetate piece on this card forms a simple background.

I hope you are all winding down before Christmas and making sure that life isn't too stressful :-)


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