Monday, 30 May 2016

3D Swap for the Stampin'Up! Grand Vacation!

Ok... so everyone knows we make swaps for our trips. Its optional, but most people like to do it cause its FUN.  But we also have the option to take part in a second swap... a 3D one. Which basically means anything that's NOT a card. 

So my husband decided he had a good idea for a swap.  He's pretty creative, and he designed a cute little Terrarium inside the Curvy Keepsake box. The acetate piece at the front is embossed with clear embossing, but its hard to see in the photo.  I love how the different layers create a diorama look :-)  We worked on it together in front of the telly (had to watch the finale of "Survivor") and so it was a true joint effort. 

I hope you enjoy it 

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